Looking for an alternative to TC-1630

Hi all,
I've seen in Bruce's course that you can use PUE molds for foam latex running as well. The one he's using is TC-1630. Since it's really difficult (or better: costly) to get this here in Europe, I was wondering if anyone can suggest an alternative. I can easily get Smooth-on products here and a lot of European brands - but I'm not quite sure of what to look for in terms of PUE specifications.



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    Hi Daniel,

    I've yet to bake any foam in a polyurethane resin mold, but I imagine one of the Smooth-On formulas would work well for this.  You may want to reach out to their support to see which formula they recommend for baking foam latex.  https://www.smooth-on.com/support/

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    Polyester systems might be an option for you too.  Generally speaking, they're pretty cheap and common.
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