How to blend/glue silicone prosthetics

Just made my first silicone prosthetic and it turned out well. I used smooth ons skin tite to apply and blend edges. Used creme makeup to color. However, the skin tite didn't hold well when my skin got a little sweaty/oily. I also tried encapsulating the silicone first, but that didn't work and was a real headache. My questions are: what would you recommend to glue and blend in the edges of a silicone appliance if you did not encapsulate the appliance? Is there any cheap alternatives to coloring it? I started using Skin Illistrater after applying but almost ran out of base tone quickly. That stuff is way too expensive for me.


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    I suggest the Telesis line of silicone adhesives by PPI.  Snappy G II by Mouldlife is another adhesive alternative.   Skin Illustrator really is one of the best options.  Creme makeup can cut down on the translucency of the appliance.  You can also tint your prosthetic when casting it using silicone pigments and flocking, this way you have to use less makeup later to blend the tone

    In the past I've used a layer of Pros-Aide applied over the prosthetic to seal the surface and edges.  This also helps the makeup blend better since I can stipple/feather the Pros-Aide into the skin, helping transition the surfaces.   Though I can't say if that is a best practice or not.  It's just what worked for me.

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    Thanks, Chris. I did tint the prosthetic, but the hue was still pretty far from my skin tone. I know it's common practice to encapsulate silicone; I might try it again with super baldiez, this time. Skin illustrator I bought was expensive, but what's worse is that there's hardly any paint inside the pallet. I don't want to have to spend 60 bucks just to paint one or two prosthetics.
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