1:1 Cad Bane

Here's the completed Cad Bane bust I've been working on since May. I made all the patterns and sewed all his clothes, painted, weathered and added the electronics to incorporate light up eyes. The bust itself consists of two parts, a pla printed head and a slush cast liquid polyfoam chest. A spandex under suit was made to cover any imperfections on the "mannequin" and because it also makes sense with the character. I gave the vest a treatment with 1 part bleach 2 part water to give it a dusty/ worn appearance and the sweat stains were painted on with oil paint and shoe polish. The sweat/water stains on the hat were made with a mixture of fabric glue and acrylic paint to make the felt fibers appear tighter. All greebles and clothes are removable as well. Even the toothpick is removeable. 


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