Questions about silicone

I recently made a silicone prosthetic that I want to apply to my face. I tried to encapsulate it using qballz, but since I sponged it on. the additional layers stuck to the sponge and came off.  I added another couple layers using Preval spray. Anyways, here's my questions (I'm not sure how "encapsulated" my piece even is. I also used probond primer).  Will my prosthetic adhere with prosaide if it's not encapsulated? Or do I need a silicone only adhesive? And I'm super afraid of running qballz through my Paasche H, but I can't afford any more prevals every time I want to make an appliance. I just don't want my airbrush to get ruined. Should I just run the qballz through it (I definitely will use 3 parts acetone to thin it) and then immediately spray acetone through it to clean it out? Or is there a better cleaner? I thinned Monstermakers Flexgloss while trying to seal a latex mask months ago, and even after cleaning the airbrush (passche h) I've had and still have trouble spraying just about anything (water, too, sometimes) through it.


  • Hi Troy,

    I've shared your question with our team.  We should have some answers for you shortly.

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