"I AM the League of Shadows" TDKR's 'Bane'

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I've always wanted to create a full replica costume based on 'Bane' after seeing "The Dark Knight Rises" but other projects took over, or life decided to intervene but six weeks ago I finally made a start...

Looking online there isn't much around to create a full replica costume that you can buy directly and I searched till the Cow's came home but zero that would pass as a good representation of the character.
Luck would play a part though as I found an amazing mask which I then bought from a guy who had previously done a 'Bane' costume, The trousers were another incredible find and by another guy who does another cosplay as this character, While searching for the vest I accidentally stumbled upon a brand new and unworn brown longcoat that was in a charity shop and was immediately bought by myself..The hardest parts to find were the boots and the dreaded vest..NO LUCK!

SO I bought a cheap online copy of the vest and on it's immediate arrival I went straight in and tore it to shreds to use as pattern work to try and make one myself, This was a huge task and one which I honestly thought I'd never achieve as it was so complicated, I began to think it was one bite too many! After three solid weeks of constantly working on it from early in thr mornings to the wee small hours of the following morning I had managed to pull it off...The Inly thing left to do is to replace the buckles you see at the bottom of the vest on the belt area for the brass items, I.am waiting the arrival of the brass plate so I can make these up and replace rhe ones on the vest now. (I won't be making another one in a hurry)

The boots again are my own work using a new pair of donor boots that I carefully took apart and started make up a pair that matched the ones seen in the film, I've done my best with these and that's all that I can do, And then proceeded to Weathered them up once finshed. The boots took two weeks from start to finish to.complete, Again another massive and illuminating experience and working non stop on them....

The left hand leather Gauntlet I've also made and this was a pretty simple task to do compared to the vest and boots..

So there you have him.... 'Bane'


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    Wow, that vest is impressive!  I can see how that took 3 weeks! 

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