The last of the Lazarus Brigade (Shrike replica costume) Mortal Engines

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I started this replica costume project just over two years ago as I loved this character in the film "Mortal Engines".He isn't an exact copy as the character was CGI'd in the movie and very little images were available when searching online, So I have had to pause the film and screengrab as many images that I coukd and use them as reference material.

I first started replica costume making way back in 2003 and over the years people I've met either online or at events have said that I'm progressing but I'm my own worst critic, Always tinkering and going back to my costumes to try and make them better than they were and with the knowledge that I've learnt and still learning since their first creation., I don't class myself as anything more than an amatuer who just does this to fill his days, Enjoys what he does and learns and also to push my limits with my next replica costume/Character project...

It was a daft idea at the time but I made a start and I also approached Philip Reeve the author of the books for his blessing to which he graciously did! So over the last two years 'Shrike' has steadily progressed as and when I could and when funds would allow it as I am partially disabled and creating things is also a way for me to cope with my issues.. Everything that you see on this replica I have actually made myself and it has been such a huge learning curve in every way possible and it has been hard, I'm not going to lie, But saying that he has been worth every minute that I've spent on creating him!

He is the final stages of his completion with just a tiny bit of skin detailing left to paint and blend in just under his Jaw and at the back of his skull just below the main Cerebral tube and to also paint the claws silver and then age/Weather and this will bring this costume project to a very happy conclusion!

Any questions please feel free to post them up and I sincerely look froward to reading your replies and any questions that you may have in regards to this replica.


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