Inorganic prosthetic protrusions

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I'm working on a cosplay of Risotto Nero from the anime 'Jojos bizzare adventure'. I need to make some sort of prosthetic to wrap around my ankle to give the illusion it's been severed and reattached via these large staple things. 

My question is: how do I create the staples (an inorganic / non-skin material)? 

Are they created from the same material and simply painted to look different? Would they be embedded in, but as a different material? Would they best be added separately, after the prosthetic is on? 

I was also considering making some of the little guys sticking out of his skin, but that's the same issue. 

Side question: how would one go about creating a semi-seamless prosthetic that wraps around the entirety of a limb?

Thank you! 

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    Hi Veronica,

    You could sculpt the prosthetic flat and wrap it around your ankle, ensuring the ends can line up and blend into each other.  I would start by wrapping the ankle in plastic wrap, tracing out the line where the wound would be, makinging how tall the prosthetic would be, and also marking the overlap at the back of the leg so you can blend a bit past each end.

    The staples could be cast in a urethane rubber, or even silicone and then glued onto the prosthetic during application.


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