King Pride

I took advantage of the contest to create a sculpture from scratch took me 3 weeks to make it, I combined animals that captivate me with their distinct features and anatomy. Among them, I incorporated the chimpanzee, the panther, and the ram, resulting in a majestic and imposing creature.
The following story comes from one of my Twitch Viewers.

A creature that materializes from the pride and bravery coming from his closest ancestors of the king, the lion and the chimpanzee, using these attributes faces prey bigger than him and manages to subdue them thanks to the antlers he has, lowering them to his low space and keeping them still with his strong front legs and then using the deadly tail that has a sting with a potent poison,
He shakes the rattle of the same, to terrify his victim in his last moments and warn the herd of the subdued, that from terror he will leave them alone in this almost spiritual ritual that feeds not only the hunger, but the ego of our friend here about to seize his next meal, far away in the mountains, on the rocky surfaces of what was once the Himalayas.


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