Alien Pumkinator

A Hybrind of 3 stanWinstons Iconinc creatures, Pumking Head, T-800 and a Xenomorph.
It was quite the challenge for me since im more used to work in drawing and sketching. ITs the first sculpture that ive made with air dry clay. Quite the experience. Im really gratefull for oportunities like this that this shool provides.
I wasnt able to add color since i dont really have the knowlage about what kind of paint it might need or so, kinda just straight jumped right in.

A bit of lore behind the creature: After Skynbet had accomplished a full hybridization between a terminator model and a xenomorph, the prototype lacked the strnght to fight many  of the dangers outside of planet earth. Not only that but although its versatility and lethalness had increesed, so did some weaknesses. THe hive mind of the Xenomorph although compativle in patttern behaviours did not allow th prototype to conduct operations with too much sophistication. WHile the prototype excelled at fighting numerous targuets it lacked the hunting skills and the focus the original terminators had when hunting down their targuet.
Funny enough the solutiong to this was deep in the roots of earth, During a termination attempt, a farmer horrigfed by the sight of his dead son, due to him becoming part of the resistance in the future, decided to trust th e tales of old instead of the current tecnilogy by summuning the demon Pumpkinhead in order to take revenge on the terminator. Pumpkinghead prove to be more than a match for the terminator and in a battle that lasted weeks of cat and mouse, highly destructive combat and numerous civilian casualties. pumpkinghead was victorius but the price was heavy as he could not be summoned for a very long time due to the injuries sustained in the battle. Skynet anylising the blackbox of the terminator recovered pumkinhead in his slumber and fearing his wrath decided to take samples of his stilll recovering cells and DNA material. After analysing Skynet was able to replicate though unsuccesfully the samples, finding that the secrtet to the beasts power was not only on its cells but a wavelenght to that it apeard to be syncroniced. Using futuristig genesplicing with as mcuh avaiable tecnology in the galaxy, Skynet was able to Create a new Terminator Xenomorph hybrid but with the embeded cells and wavelenght of pumpkinhead. The TX-P2000 or also called, The Alien Pumkinator.

Based on Stan Winstons Creatures Xenomorph, Pumkinhead and Terminator

Armature is made from recycled materials such as used painters tape and aluminum pill holders.

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