Clicker Reimagined (Trypophobia warning)

I began this project shortly after The Last of Us Part II came out as it felt like a fitting piece to work on while the world was locked down. However, moving across the country and other life events put this sculpt on hold for much longer than I would've liked. With The Last of Us television show showcasing clickers in a new limelight I figured this would be the perfect time to complete this piece. I have for you my interpretation of a clicker! The face and shoulders are castings of me but the mushrooms/growth/head piece is all hand sculpted and casted using Smooth-cast 300. This reimagining wouldn't be possible without the artists who designed the original clicker in the first place. Thank you for looking at my work! -Katie

Sculpt dimensions: 19" x 15" (Lifesize)

@hyoungtnam - Principal Character Concept artist for Naughty Dog

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