Shreks Dragon Puppet

Hi! I volunteer at the local high school as the set artist and prop master. In that capacity I get to make a lot of the props we use. A few years ago I discovered foam insulation and have mastered sculpting it into many of the props in many of our prooductions. I have been at the school since 2014. My daughter graduated out in '18 but I have stayed because where else can one give back, and  get to make amazing things?!

Today I am showing off Dragon from last years production of Shrek. She is based on the Dreamworks design and was made using foam insulation as a her core. She is covered with sequin fabric and features eyes that light up, working jaw, and she even blinked. Her teeth and spikes were made from sculpting foam. 

Add giant wings, and a big butt tail worked by students and an amazing singer and she was a show stopper! 

Dragon was purchased by a real prop house and is for rent to other schools or theaters. I'm very proud of her and I wish her well! 


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