Genetic Mutation: Will the future force us to adapt? (A Multi piece silicone and Foam Latex makeup)

My project is centered around the implications of climate change and the possibility that we, as humans, may not be able to adapt fast enough to fit our rapidly changing environment. In this instance, I have researched into genetic engineering and visualised which physical features may help us survive. I have taken inspiration from pre-existing animals, along with some ideas of my own to create a glance into the extreme measures the human race could be forced to take if the climate crisis is not tackled.

I created two characters for this project, one genetically successful human hybrid, and one genetic failure. The image I am submitting is my successful genetic hybrid. She is designed to be able to live both on land and in water, due to the rising sea levels and growing overpopulation. So, she is covered in thick scaley skin, to protect from the sun, and UV rays, along with the ability to be fully waterproof. Her ears are designed to push water back so when she is swimming, the water does not fill up the ear canal. She also has white thick hair which, is seen as part of the Saharan Silver ant, which reflects the heat back off them, keeping them cool. I have also designed webbed fingers but detached from the thumbs, so the hands can still be used effectively in and out of water, along with gills on the neck, as seen in amphibians. 

I've combined all these elements to help survival for around 500 years into the future, when the planet will most likely be unliveable, begging the question: Will The future force us to adapt?

Techniques and Processes:

Silicone Life-casting

Full head and shoulder sculpt

Multi piece encapsulated Silicone Prosthetic makeup using snap moulding

Fibreglass cores

3 Part fibreglass foam latex mould

Foam Latex Cowl running

Creating, Knotting, Styling, setting and cutting a full four-part synthetic wig

Hair-punched forehead piece using yak hair and mohair


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