Snowman Made Of Guts!!!!

In case you are wondering what this is; this is a snowman made out of human innards and body parts. I figured my Jack Frost character needed a companion for the photoshoot I did showcasing the costume for this contest and plus Frozen Soul dropped their new album last Friday. The video for their song "Morbid Effigy" featured a psychopathic madman constructing a snowman made of human remains. The video left me super inspired to build my own version of the snowman from the video to accompany Jack Frost. Before you start freaking out, there are no real guts, organs, or body parts in this thing though. It is just a trash can, a five gallon bucket, and a Spirit Halloween skull that I sprayed about 10 cans of Loctite and Great Stuff around. I then gave him some eyes and some buttons that are designed to look like real human eyes (Spirit Halloween eyes), a nose made out of a finger instead of a stereotypical carrot, and some fingers protruding from this sloppy mess of gore. I then painted this guy using spray paint and latex mask paint. After that, I glued some teeth in and used some of that awesome Stiltbeast Rue Blood to really gore this guy up. I hope y’all like this guy!!!

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