Shark/Lamprey hybrid.

Hi, I'm Caleb. I thought I'd toss my hat in the ring for this year's contest! I normally post on Instagram but I've been following this site for a little while now.
Super Sculpy bust of a hybrid between a Shark and a Lamprey Eel. I love sea creatures but I wanted to try to push the design towards something I wouldn't normally go for, I didn't quite hit that goal, but came close.

The idea of the tubes at the back is that they would lurk in coral or hydrothermal vents and blend in.
Here's the translucent dome (Alien 1979/Alien Covenant style) I imagined the creature having, which is what really pushes the Shark look, though I ran out of time to really nail it. It was done in silicone though I'd like to come back later and do it in epoxy as I'd originally intended.

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