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Hi everyone I have made all you can see on the main photography except for the sky sea and rocks...and something else.
I have a job, but I want to became a make-up effects artist, so this is one reason why I am doing this amazing contest.

What I have made are, 3 creatures basically.
Only for this contest.
The bishop Urbano II (about 10 cm, including the sacred triangle).
The Queen Isabella II (about 10 cm, including the crown).
The third creature Dea (the death) already made but finished for this purpose ( 20 cm x 13,5 cm).
Is how I see the death.

Dea is my second sculpture ever! So I hope I did well.

The knight of Jerusalem t-shirt design for the impersonation of Godfrey Protector of the Holy Sepulchre, (Lurex material, hand sewn by a professional, and the printed coat of arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. made also by a graphic designer on my request).
The chess board made by pine wood and his pieces by white clay (all the pieces have his own texture, to give some "vibration pattern" when touched).

My inspiration is the movie called "The Seventh Seal, from Bergman and history.
But as a "remake", if we can say so, I put on it my own rules of course.
The original story on the Bergman's movie, talks about a knight after returning from the crusades, he wake up on a seaside. after some chilling around there,
suddenly the death appears telling him that his time has come. The brave knight was sad and disappointed because he didn't want to die. Not yet, and too many questions with no answers.
But nobody can defeat the death. When is your time, you gotta go, anyway.
So he knew a story that only with chess, you can prolong you life by challenging the death herself (for me death is female). The story goes on but what impressed was the smart knight's thinking.
I had an Idea. I wanted to create someone special that can defeat the death herself by chess. Instead the opposite.
I had a vision and I had to do it.
So here I am, hope I did something interesting.

More details and photos on my facebook page as LVCA:

Thank you.

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