Yoda meditating on Dagobah

Edit to add a short video of him floating with an LED string wrapped around the tree.

Cutting it really close to midnight CET, and hoping it still counts. Due to the time constraints, for my third submission I decided shift to a smaller easier piece that I already had started, so I chose to focus on reworking and finishing this one.

This is a revival of one of my first sculpts with the air drying modelling foam. It was started sometime in September-October last year but was quickly set aside as I was not happy with it. The tree is air drying foam with a tinfoil armature, Yoda as well, but initially I dressed Yoda with glued on fabric.

I did not like this look, and since the first try at this piece was before I thought of the trick with slip+glue, Yoda's ears snapped right off as it was drying, so into the ever overfilled "To deal with later" box it went, not to be seen until yesterday.

To salvage the sculpture, I fixed the tip of Yoda's right ear, and gave him a new left ear.
Originally,  the hems of his robe were brown craft felt glued on, but decided to cover them with air drying foam. The rest of his robe is a thin cloth, but now, the whole piece is covered in the slip+glue mixture.

Method: Hand modelled, hand painted with acrylics.
Materials: air drying modelling foam, tinfoil, craft felt, cloth, slip+glue mixture, fishing wire.

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