Scientifically Accurate Stenonychosaurus Shoulder mount

This is “Nox”, a “taxidermy” style, scientifically accurate Stenonychosaurus inequalis bust sculpture created with the intention of appearing as a real life animal.

She is made from a polymer clay & Aves Apoxie Sculpt head mounted on a modified polyurethane taxidermy form originally intended for an impala that has been cut to size. 
Over this structure are ethically sourced real feathers and vintage fur scraps turned into the plumage of the dinosaur. Her eyes are acrylic eyes cut from an old soft toy.

this sculpture is a life sized 1:1 replica of how this dinosaur would likely have looked during its life, and its appearance here was reconstructed using fossil evidence such as found skulls and skeletons.

I constructed this sculpture as part of my video series “Time Travel Taxidermy”, where I take a real life extinct animal and create an accurate mixed media sculpture of it.

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