Roo Roo Page | Female Gungan Infant | Star Wars - The Clone Wars | Puppet - Entry #2

Roo Roo Page is an animated character, a Force sensitive female Gungan  infant, one of the children kidnapped by Cad Bane in Clone Wars episode Children of the Force.

Started working on her around May 8 or 9 and until yesterday May 23rd, technically she's not completed yet. I want to strengthen her joining point and add more detail. This was extremely rushed, and it was not even fully dry yesterday when taking photos outside. Since the joining point was still rather soft, her top half kept falling off, so I had to hold her or support her at all times, but I expect her to be able to sit on her own like the Wee Dunn puppet, when done.

Initially supposed to be a part of a puppet trio of Force sensitive kids from this episode along with Wee Dunn and Zinn Toa, this piece is currently only part of a duo, as Zinn Toa's head is drying on my nightstand.

It is made of 2 parts that join together at her waist. Head, chest, arms and legs are modeled with tin foil and then covered with the foam, then when dry, covered in slip+glue. Bottom half and Joining point are just foam modelled into shape.

Inside I have the option to add a small Bluetooth speaker.

The puppet is very light as the foam and tin foil themselves are very light, and it's mostly hollow on the inside. The slip+glue and paint and clothes and speaker weigh it down a bit, but very little.

I tried to do their clothes, but sewing is not my strong suit, especially by hand, and after 2 tries and also due to time constraints, I resolved to buy some baby clothes for now.

P.S. The painting, and all my tattoos except the wolf on my right arm and the one on my right shoulder (not visible here) are also done by me and are in progress :) 
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