Taxidermy Werewolf and Coral reef shell mask

Hello there! Here are my most recent original characters I have made from scratch.
Taxidermy Werewolf was created  from expanding foam, masking tape, air dry clay, fake fur and  pin pong balls for the eyes! I started with a big blob of expanding foam and carved it down to the rough shape I wanted, using masking tape and PVA to strengthen the foam. I then sculpted over  with the clay,  painted it with a sponge and brush and attached the fake fur!  The shell mask was made using EVA foam and worbla. I  used a shell I found as a reference and stuffed it full of amazing coral reef plants and even a checky octopus.   Super happy with the out come of these two projects and cant  wait to start getting into molding and casting. 

Check out my on going portfolio here ~

Thanks for checking out my submission and  good luck to everyone else! 

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