This is my creature - Veg-terri-ble, and this is his story…

Once there was a mean old man named Winston Stanley (but everyone was scared of him, so they called him Mr Stanley). He hated everyone and everything, except for his vegetable patch.

He was entering a giant veg growing contest and wanted to win, no matter what the cost! He fed his plants a secret radioactive substance to help them grow massive. Unfortunately, as he was  administering the feed to the plants a small child came looking for a pumpkin for Halloween. The child knocked Mr Stanley and the radioactive substance went all over him and the vegetables in the garden! They all morphed together into a hideous, grotesque, monstrous being! - Veg-terri-ble!

As part vegetable his natural enemy is candy and all things sweet. He is now on a relentless, unending mission to destroy everything sugary, sweet and tasty!

So you’d better watch out on Halloween night, because you just might be unlucky enough to meet Veg-terri-ble and he might steal your candy!

He has parsnip feet, aubergine shins, cucumber thighs, a potato body, aubergine and cucumber upper arms, sweetcorn forearms, radish hands, carrot fingers and a pumpkin head.

I hope you like him!

Emily (aged 10) - with help from dad.

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