The Demon Spider Man named RekRap

RekRap from the latest Amazing Spiderman arc where a lil Demon fan of Peter gets some symbiote and transforms into a venom spidey mash up!

we started off patterning a mannequin to make sure the muscle suit would be form fitting to my partner. Using upholstery foam and lots of expensive 74 spray we glued up the muscle suit trying to bulk the anatomy that needed it while trying to keep other areas thin to make this characters proportions.

once happy with the muscle suit we created another pattern to sew our first spandex suit and we got lucky with doing enough research to know we needed to buy a serger machine which made this costume not a nightmare it could of been from amature seamstress like us.

with lots of measurements and math we 3d designed the webbing pattern and reversed the pattern to create 3d printed molds to cast our urethane rubber webs in.

sculpted the mask in clay especially the teeth, cast the head in flex polyfoam and the teeth in resin.

and lastly the boots are scratch constructed wooden stilts to give the proper height.

thank you for your time!

Mikey Karrver


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