Shú-Nagua is a prog rock/metal band from Wollongong, Australia, that bases its roots heavily within its sprawling lore and extensive fictional universe. The band itself was formed when Vocalist/guitarist Lachlan Boon met Baritone guitarist Mathew Weekes while doing martial arts in a mutual friend's garage which then led to the creation of the project.
Once a duo the band has evolved into a five piece including its mascot the shú-nagua

Through combining elements of art rock, post-rock, progressive metal along with a fusion of many other genres.
The band forge an inventive, and at times, chaotic soundscapes to accompany the story of the Shú-Nagua- the wreck-less hive-mind, hell-bent on the decimation and assimilation of all life across the cluster of neighbouring dimensions, Windermere.

The original concept art and final form was created
pb.abarquez (Instagram)  with the live adoption of the Shú-Nagua created by Nuffy's Workshop. A small costume and prop shop in Brisbane Australia (Facebook and Instagram).

Provided in this post is a the original demon  art, some build photos, and photos of the band playing live with the Shú-Nagua demon in support

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