Manic Pixie Dream Creature

The Manic Pixie Dream Creature is loosely based on the manic pixie trope…if it were to evolve into a creature form. It’s the kind of creature that’s colorful, quirky and enjoyable to be around, but will injure you if you step on it. The moth caterpillar, praying mantis and wasp inspired the features and details of this creation. 

The body was mainly sculpted in Super Sculpey. I used Apoxie Sculpt for some of the spikes. And the wings are primarily made of recycled bottle pieces and parts. I added paint brush bristles for the eye lashes and extra spikes. All three eyeballs are small beads. This piece was painted with acrylics with accents in soft pastels and eye shadow. 

You can find more of my art here. 




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