Paper Mâché Alien Puppet

I wanted to make a puppet out of materials I had lying around using techniques I experimented with. An alien with multiple eyes was the only inspiration I began with, and I made this creature up as I went along. 

I started with memory foam mattress topper to sculpt the shape of the skull and jaw, and I added tape on top of that, using a cut-up placemat for the mouth plates. After the base was completed, I glued toilet paper to the form with PVC glue. I mixed toilet paper with glue to make small balls to add scale texture in strategic places. The eyes, the lips and the horns were sculpted in foam clay. I glued the skull and jaw to a pant leg from denim jeans to form the body, and added texture with glue and additional toilet paper. The arms were made from smaller pieces of denim and memory foam. The hands were crafted from cardboard and foam for the palms as well as tin foil and tape for the fingers. I wrapped ribbon around the hands to create fingerless gloves. I painted the piece with acrylic paint and finished the piece by adding scrap fabric for the clothes. 

Video of the puppet movement: https://youtube.com/shorts/WgKfbt3DtN4?feature=share

You can find more of my art here. 



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