"BALAK" THE DEVOURER by Juan D. Santiago Hidalgo

"Balak" The Devourer by Juan D. Santiago Hidalgo

Centuries ago, Balak, an insatiable scholar, invoked dark forces and was corrupted, transforming into the fearsome demon known as "The Devourer". He was condemned to bear an insatiable hunger for flesh, surviving by feeding on corpses and greedy souls. His sinister mouth feasts upon the mortal remains, while his claws yearn to capture desperate seekers of knowledge. Tormented by his own thirst, Balak is the embodiment of voracity and a reminder of the dangers of craving wisdom without considering its true costs.

Complete sculpture process on Youtube (in Spanish since English is not my first language): 

Creator: Juan D. Santiago Hidalgo - Colombian residing in Mexico

***At the bottom, there is a PDF step-by-step process as well.

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