Al-Mudhib - The Jinn King

For my submission, I decided to make Al-Mubhib, one of the seven Jinn Kings. I’ve always enjoyed reading about mythological creatures from around the world and felt inspired to bring this one to life.

He is 1/6 scale and 12” tall. I sculpted the maquette in monster clay, sealed it with clear coat, and painted with acrylic paints. The horns and eyes were done in polymer clay and baked so they retained shape. I laser cut the base which I designed based on written descriptions of this particular Jinn’s seal. I had a few days to complete him between discovering this contest and leaving town but I think I will make a 2 part mold and cast him in resin when I get back.

While sculpting I sometimes like coming up with a backstory for the character which I think helps me connect with the piece and make aesthetic decisions.

Here is a short story for him:

On a dark and starless night sat a poor furniture maker in his woodshop. His family had come upon hard times in recent years and he desired more than anything to improve their prospects. Thinking back to his childhood, he recalled an old scroll passed down through generations describing a creature that could make dreams into reality- a creature that could make the poorest man rich. With some small glimmer of hope he began rummaging through his humble library and he found the scroll he sought.

The ancient writings spoke of Al-Mudbib, the golden one. He is one of the seven Jinn Kings- powerful and wise and known to reward those that call upon him. The man read that Al-Mubhib possess the secret of transmutation into gold and with a simple touch could bring his family prosperity. Excited by this revelation, the man read no further. He rushed out to his woodshop and pulled out the largest piece of cypress wood he could find and into it he feverishly carved the Jinn’s seal of invocation.

It was a six-pointed star with each triangle holding a portion of the Jinn’s name. The center was said to hold his nickname and surrounding the star a numerical sequence that enhanced his dark power. Upon inscribing the final number, the seal erupted into smokeless, golden fire sending him sprawling back and raising his hands to shield his eyes. When the fire subsided the man gasped at the creature that stood before him. He was tall and thin with muscles like sinew that roped under his skin. Appearing more goat than man, he stood on cloven hooves and his head was adorned with sweeping golden horns. The Jinn slowly turn to face the man revealing blood-red eyes that burned deep into his own. 

“Why have you called me here human?” Groaned the Jinn in a deep and gutteral voice.

“Al-Mudhib, Eastern King and Lord of Jinn, I have summoned you to ask that you transform everything I have into gold”, the man asked.

“As you desire”, came the Jinn’s reply and with a wave of his long fingers everything around them began to gleam as gold. 

Overcome with joy, the man dashed through his golden woodshop and up to his golden home to show his family what he had done for them. When he reached his house, however, he was horrified to find that they, too, had been turned to solid gold as they slept in their beds. 

Desperate to undo his wish, he ran back to his shop to beg for the return of his family. The Jinn was nowhere to be seen. He had vanished and left the man wealthy but had taken from him the only thing that held true value in his life. 

Beware the gifts of the Jinn…

Shout outs to:
My amazing wife who helped me finish painting this guy after I injured my dominant thumb the night before we were leaving town! 
Stan Winston School for being an inspiration and a guide for me and for hosting this contest.

All the other submissions- so much talent and creativity in this community. Keep up the awesome work!

Dan Dempsey 

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