Hi, I am Francesca,  I made this headpiece for the Creature Making Contest 2023 inspired by the European folkloric creature "Nachzerher".

The Nachzerher is a sort of vampire-like figure spreaded in North-European folklore, especially in Germany, Slavic countries and part of Northern Italy. It is said that a person can turn into a Nachzerher for many reasons: being born with intact amniotic sack, being a suicide, accidental death or drowning. According to other legends, a newborn died strangled by their own ombelical cord has good chances to become a Nachzerher.
The peculiarity of a Nachzerher is that it will chew off its own funerary shroud, and once it is consumed the creature will either start to consume its own body or wander outside the grave to feed on other corpses to preserve itself from decomposing. A Nachzerher can shapeshift in animals like bats, dogs and pigs in order to wander unnoticed at night, reach members of its own family that are still alive and drink their blood spreading diseases and death.
I designed and made this mask on my own, crafted using liquid glue, cotton wool, acrylic paint, foam clay, eva foam, glass beads, nail polish, thermoplastic beads.

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