BunThulhu - Creature Making Contest Submission

Hello All

My name is Sean and I have never sculpted anything in my entire life.

I am currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University and am going through their graphic design and animation program. One of the courses required students to create a creature out of clay.

The original parameters was to create something original that was about 7-10 tall, had to have texture added to it, and a few other elements, like a background.

So, I created Bunthulhu.

Bunthulhu is based on the legendary Cthulhu if Cthulhu were a bunny.

Yep. That’s it.

The final sculpture has a wingspan of 24 inches, stands 16 inches tall to the top of his ears, and is about 30 in length. The entire model weighs about 20 pounds and is constructed of a wire frame base wrapped with aluminum foil and then covered in clay. The entire project took about 5 weeks to complete.

Like I said, I have never sculpted anything before, so I would be interested in feedback or thoughts on this. While I don’t know if I would ever attempt sculpting again, I did actually enjoy this project!

There is a link to the video presentation that I used for my class submission as well.

Bunthulhu now sits in my living room, judging all who enter.

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