The DollSlug

The DollSlug Aka PorcelainFace, Masked Monster or Market Monster

A creature who lives in dark places in highly populated áreas. Its a silent 4 meter tall arachnid like Creature who feeds on stray animals, and small children (no one knows for sure) . Its favourite places to live in are moist alleys, dark streets, subway stations, and anywhere where there is food. specially Markets, supermarkets and abandoned buildings.

it naturally hates light so it will come out whenever it is dark, or when there is few people around.

When hiding, the only part you can see of the monster is its mask. That looks like a White porcelain doll.

So, be careful when you are you own in those kind of places, and stay away of the dark corners , because no matter how much people are around you, once the DollSlug decides you look tasty enough, it only has to reach out with its long pale arms, to grab you and drag you to its dark lair, never to be seen again.

Modelled in Zbrush

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