Gla'Aki Monster (Puppet)

My version of the creature Gla’aki, a great old one from HP Lovecraft Mythology.
Gla’aki is an aquatic creature, her physical form is described as resembling a gigantic slug with slender spikes. These quills inject a substance that grants his victims everlasting life, however, as their compliant slaves.
It’s described as having 3 eyes coming out of ‘tentacles’ so it can see above the water level and observe the world while still hidden.

Sculpted in WED clay, moulded in fiberglass, casted in platsil gel 25 (all by me). 
I sculpted the teeth in translucent polymer clay; the eyes are clear resin mixed with black pigment.

It has a mouth mechanism that allows the mouth to move: https://youtube.com/shorts/_Is0QkRu2t4 
I created this simple mechanism by looping a bicycle cable around the mouth, when you pull the end the loop closes and when you release it it goes back to the original position.


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