Stitch sculpture

Hi! This is a Stitch sculpture. 
1. My name is Jonni Shandor
2. This took a little under an hour
3. I used monster clay
4. I am 11 years old
5. I got into SWOSCA by winning a cosplay contest with my dad. 

Feed back welcome. 


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    Jonni, that looks great!  Glad you are learning these skills at such an age!

    My recommendation is to change the type of clay that you use when you are sculpting prosthetic appliances.  Our industry standard is Chavant NSP Medium (red) or Chavant Monumelt.  Monster Clay is a great clay, but it is very difficult to blend the edges of the sculpture because the wax in the clay tends to want to "snap" off when it gets that thin.  Thin edges are the makeup artists' best friend because it makes it very difficult for the audience to detect that there is an appliance on the skin.

    Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing more of it!
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