The Last of Us - Clicker{FULL}

Hello! My name is Nicholas and this is my entry to the Creature Making Contest 2023. The costume I am presenting is inspired by The Last of Us game's armored clicker and Santa Barbara designs. 

The Mushrooms on this build are all made from a base of eva foam sheets and detailed shapes were added using foam clay. The same process was applied in making the mask. All parts were then detailed and shaped further with a dremel. The false mold/fungal hairs on the mask were made by adding a layer of pva glue to the surface, sticking cotton balls on, and pulling them off to leave fuzzy mold like spots. Follicles were made using white bristles from a broom and blade curled to get rid of their stiffness and add a more natural shape. The arm and neck growths were made by applying liquid latex atop nylon hose, then coating different size shaped cotton balls in more liquid latex. While the paintjob on the mask was done with wood glue and airbrushed acrylic, the other growths were painted with sfx makeup. Clothing was weathering with sandpaper and acrylic, then coated in a mixture of gel medium and fabric glue to add glossiness to "wet" parts. (The Joel's beard in the photo was also laid by me and is made up of both crepe and real hair)

My Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/iixvicostumez/?hl=en

Video Showcase here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVOapxxkFKM&ab_channel=IIXVICOSTUMEZ

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