Empress Alien (Queen Xenomorph)

The Empress Alien of Aliens: Resurgence (For The Hive)

The Empress Alien is my take on an older more evolved version of the Queen Xenomorph which is my favorite creature. She was my first introduction to the Xenomorph as Aliens (86) was the movie that started this journey for me as a child. She's beautiful and majestic but terrifying at the same time which made this project a lot of fun but very personal for me. When I started my Aliens universe I knew I had to tell a new story of The Queen. See more here. 

The Hive Exhibit for C2E2 2023

Fabrication + Design

I wanted to make sure I paid respect to the past, acknowledged the present, but gave audiences a look into the future of how an evolved Queen can truly look practically. Below you'll see where I pulled my inspiration from plus a sketch compared to the actual. 

Overall she took me 7-8 months to fabricate starting with her head and crown first. Below are the products I used to fabricate the Empress as well as The Royal Guard (Praetorian Xenomorph).

Product List 

  • EVA floor mats 
  • EVA Dowels 
  • Foam Clay
  • Garbage Bag (Garbage bag test!!!)
  • Window Wrap
  • Hot glue
  • liquid latex for Jaw Tendons 
  • Wood for structure 
  • Wheels for movement 
  • PVC pipes for easy assembly and puppetry 
  • Acrylic paint form PlaidFX
  • Varnish Gloss
  • Table Top Finisher for extra slob
  • Elastic
  • Spray Adhesive 

(I saw her in my dreams before the above sketch)

          (A look at her with the paint and hive resin made with Window Wrap)
           (First assembly test without her stand)
          (Crown close to 15 feet once completed)

This has been a fun journey, and Chicago had a ball visiting the hive Watch footage here!

Stay tuned for more as the hive has another hatchling on the way. ;)

Stay frosty! 

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