Manu human-fairy baby custom silicone blend

Manu is a 16” full body silicone human-mythical fairy baby. She is a custom blend soft pliable silicone with details of fluorescent details on the back of her ears that light up in the dark. She was painted with hyperrealistic human newborn colors including detailed nails and dual colors veining with custom mixed colors mixed for this particular project. She is mono rooted with soft mohair. She has applied eyebrows and rooted eyelashes. She is scented with vanilla. She has a wearable wing that can be attached or detached to her back it is also lights up in the dark in several colors. I wanted this fairy to be catering to all of our senses like visual experience, touch and movement from full range motion of arms and turn of her head, sense of smell silicone infused with sweet vanilla.  This was a super fun project! 
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