The Last of Us - Clicker!

Hello everyone! This is my entry to the Creature Making Contest 2023. It is my Clicker cosplay I made from the video game/TV show The Last of Us.

The mask is made of layers of tin foil over a worbla base and then coated with foam clay. I then painted the mask with acrylic paints and glued a layer of polyester quilt batting to mimic the 'fuzzy' look. The same process was used on the mushrooms on the shirt. The teeth are denture teeth.
I also made silicone prosthetics that I sculpted out of monster clay and cast in platsil gel 10 and glued them to my chest.

I loved every second of making this costume and also made one for my partner as well which will make a debut soon.

My instagram is mortisfever and the photographer who took these pictures is steamkittens on instagram too. 

Thanks everyone!

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