Tardigrades in Space - Militardi Puppet

In pre-production for my screenplay "Tardigrades in Space", I've created multiple "Military Tardigrade" puppets from a Monster Clay sculpture, then Silicone Mold. I brushed a tinted Urethane coating into the mold before closing and filling it with an expanded Polyurethane foam casting. Silicone pieces had been inserted into the abdomen and arms to create voids to allow a puppeteer's fingers to manipulate the puppet's six arms and two legs. Inserted EYES can be manipulated by internals controls, eliminating the need for servo- or cable-controlled aninmatronics.
Below is a test-clip of this scene:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6xhzxdMM50
Here are some pictures of the puppet creation steps...
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