Dirty person who is bleeding everywhere and has a scratched open chemical burn

So, this is a chemical burn I made on this manikin head from MEHRON. 

1. This is a practice
2. My first official gig is tomorrow
3. I am 11 years old
4. I got into SWSOCA by winning a cosplay contest as "The Pale Girl and Art The Clown" (My dad and I) and we built a head that could come off and blood would squirt everywhere (I LOVE BLOOD)
5. My name is Jonni Shandor and I'm an upcoming young actress, cosplayer, SFX, Student at the SWSOCA, and an official FANGORIA influencer (psst... Use code JONNISHANDOR at checkout or go to https://shop.fangoria.com/jonnishandor to get 20% off all orders) 

Here's my work.

Feedback is WELCOME!!!




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