Leshen Costume - Almost 3,5 m

Hello everybody, 
it’s such an honor to have you judging our work.
I’m posting here a creature we made some time ago, the Leshen from The Witcher 3 (CDPR).

Ph. Roberto Donadello

We sculpted, molded and casted the skull.

The horns are made in eva foam with metal wire inside, then sculpted and painted.

The body structure is constructed from raised stilts, leading to the final costume, including horns, being over 3m tall.

The base of the bigger pieces is eva foam and fabric on which a bark texture has been applied. The mold was made from real bark and real mushrooms and then cast in soft material to fit the shapes.

We created this monster for a larp association and after some years we still love it!

A couple of extra pictures of our The Witcher larp:

Ph. Irene Ritorto

Thank you so much for the chance to have our work evaluated.

Alberta & Lorenzo
- Piece of Cake Cosplay -


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