Cheap Eye Effect

Hey everyone!

I got a question, my friend is a film student and he asked my help to do some makeup effects. Is a very short scene and it involves an eye popping effect. How can I achieve this effect with a budget between 10$ - 0$?


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    When it comes to a hyper-low budget, it often comes down to what you don't show rather than what you do.  If the production is flexible, discuss with them exactly what their goals are, and see if creative shot angles, silhouettes, and off-screen moments (and sounds) can help meet some of their goals.  Let the viewer's imagination work for you.

    For example, if the "eye-popping" is something an antagonist is doing to another character, you should show the action from behind the antagonist, then cut to the aftermath.  But "eye-popping" is a very vague term.

    Otherwise, attempting to pull something ambitious with a low budget can backfire if the quality stands out compared to the rest of the production.

    If they have to have the effect, and can't afford it, try and boil the effect down to the essentials.  To that point, what exactly are their expectations for the concept of "eye-popping?"

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