King Shark

King Shark  has many unique design elements in DC films. The villainous character in the Suicide Squad movie adds more fun to the design and has gained recognition from the audience. To create the special creature design, the design was inspired by the Sphyrnidae, which has a wide-set eyes, pale skin, vibrant red lips, and an elegantly streamlined body.
During the production process, different species of goblin sharks have different nostril locations. Therefore, the winghead shark was chosen as a reference, as its nostril location is closer to the mouth. Additionally, King Shark's design maintains a strong and muscular physique, with exaggerated arm strength and weapons resembling fish bone spikes on its hammerhead and wrist guards covered in barnacles for decoration.
King Shark  is an ancient creature believed to be the result of mating between ancient shark gods and humans. Therefore, its design is primarily based on primitive aesthetics. Although the winghead shark is relatively small compared to predatory giants like the great white shark, King Shark maintains a streamlined body shape with added muscle definition. To decorate King Shark 's body, used hard shells and bones from aquatic creatures to create the armor, and initially planned to add barnacles to its body, but found that barnacles are unlikely to attach to sharks due to their fast swimming speed.
In the production process, I used cardboard to make the inner structure, and based on the basic proportions, they added tissue paper and glue to increase the adhesion of the soil. I gradually increased the muscle definition, confirmed the body shape, and then added armor decorations. Finally, used pens to apply colors, and layered multiple colors to create variations in the skin tone.

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