‘Art Deco’ Krampus Mask/Helmet

I was wanting to go to Germany to take part in the Krampus Run, and one of my friends asked if it would be possible to make an art deco Krampus. Inspired by that, I began creating what I would consider to be an art deco style Krampus mask/helmet. I used the process shown by Bruce Mitchell on the Stan Winston School course.

This started out with my original drawn concept, and then moving onto blocking out clay on my head cast, and then covering it with ApoxieSculpt.

The ear design eventually had to be changed for practical reasons. I didn’t want the ears to be poking into my shoulders every time I turned my head, so I had to have them point upwards and back instead of downward like a goat.

Here are photos of the final mask/helmet:


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    Very cool! I especially like the paint and patina. Nice work!
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