Krampus 1:1 Scale Prop/Decoration

Hi everyone! My submission is my 1:1 scale Krampus display I made for Christmas last year.
In compliance with the rules, the majority of the creation is my own work. The exception is the face. The whole thing needed to be done by Christmas, so to save time I just bought a Krampus mask instead of sculpting one myself from scratch. A lot of work still needed to be done to it though. The hood that came with it was not great nor very screen accurate, the horns needed to be replaced, the beard needed to be redone, eyebrows needed to be added, and the face needed a complete repaint.
basically all that remained from the original mask is the sculpt.

I began building his frame out or 2x4s and added shape with chicken wire.

I then began stitching the red fabric (in the background on the couch) to the chicken wire and 2x4’s.

After I made progress, I sculpted some hands out of aluminum foil, and then coated it with a foam based putty to give it detail.

After that, all I had to do is add new horns and detail the robe.

The overall build took about 4 weeks. It was 2 weeks for the main build, and then 2 additional weeks to detail and paint his robe.

Here are the final pictures of him:

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    Love this, the costume is awesome
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    Amazing! Love what you did with the 2x4’s and the chicken wire!
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    Looks great - super creepy! I'd love to build a Krampus stalkaround costume with this kind of vibe.
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