Clubber Lang

Kinda kept on a roll from the last sculpting and wanted to keep the "clay fires" burning as long as possible...so i dove headfirst this past couple of weeks into yet another character sculpt ( to be a silicone//foam form)... Clubber Lang  Hoping to also do a younger Stallone version as Rocky Balboa and make a "face-off" display available from ROCKY 3...one of my all time favortie films from when i was a teenager

I do anticipate the hair punching to be a challenge and while i am very very newbie at hairpunching i am wondering for some of the more advanced people in this forum if they have any suggestions possibly on how to make the "mohawk" a singular piece of hair that blends into the skin seamlessly?? My brain tells me to cut a strip from a wig and silicone glue it on and stippe in surrounding colored silicone to blend it BUT if there are any better methods that portray a more realistic look i am all ears for it :)
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