Rambo Last Blood (first casting)

Well i finally got around to making the first test casting of Rambo:Last Blood from the sculpting i did a few months ago...turned out pretty good with the exception that i had to "thicken" my silicone a bit as it needed to stay vertical...(using a new platinum base that has a 4 hour work time )...usually i would go with the standard Gel-0020 or Dragonskin but given the enormous price hike in silicone it is very hard to try and stay within budget..
Anycase aside from a little air bubble action along the seam of the ear and the fact i was a bit terrified to over tint the flesh tone and not be able to "bring it back" without losing the opaqueness of the PS...not at all bad i don;t think..of course the wrinkle detail and such will likely only show up after the painting.. I do plan to also hair it but it will likely be a "test" as i have 0 experience with hair punching..


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    Looking good!

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    Nice!  You can drill air vents or sprues in the mold if you keep getting air trapped in particular spots.  
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    Devin can you maybe help enlighten me on that...it is a fiberglass mold..brushed in..not poured...I will likely try and make a "pourable" mold with my next piece CLUBBER LANG as i am sculpting it on an old CFX form which i can indeed use as a core
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    I'm assuming your mold is a print/surface coat (gel coat) backed with fiberglass.  Sometimes with molds like that you can have areas where air likes to stubbornly dig into resulting in voids in the casts.  Usually I will use a 1/8" drill bit to drill in that spot on the mold from the inside all the way through (carefully) to the exterior.  This should give those air bubbles an escape hatch when you are casting.
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    The Rambo one was just straight fiberglass with no gelcoat..My Thulsa Doom one though as well as the Leatherface 1/2 mask are both gel coated fiberglass

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