Helmet Control Ideas

I'm going to be doing a suit build involving the use of the performers head to translate movement to the characters head (directly above). I need something like a helmet/strap system to anchor the control rods to. I have seen the course where Bill and Ted use a helmet in the kaiju for this idea, but I'm wondering if there are other/better ways of accomplishing this, but with no slop or play in the helmet shifting on the performers head. I am not able to make a custom fiberglass cast helmet with anchor points as the suit will be worn by different performers on a weekly basis. I'm considering getting a nice welding helmet strap replacement and adding an adjustable chin strap and the anchor points for the rod ends to that. 
Would this work, or are there better ways of accomplishing this?


  • Since multiple performers will need to wear it, adjustability is key.   The bottom image of the welding helmet harness looks like it has good control over tension and a good number of contact points.  Welding helmets are also made to be worn for long periods of time, so they should also be able to provide a somewhat comfortable fit.  

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