From C3-P0 to 0-0-0

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Hi all!

It's not much, but I wanted to share something I've been working on! It's my first time trying to paint a metallic finish and adding comic book inspired shading to a model like this.

First photo : 
I found this little guy in an Antique store! He was already build and the original owner had started to paint it with white and silver. Not exactly knowing what he/she was going for, I decided to make my own project and transform him in 0-0-0.

Second picture :
0-0-0 References.

I started by removing the arms, head and taking him off of his platform. 
Then when I opened the head, I tried to see if I could remove the eyes to avoid painting them by accident. When I remove the piece that was holding them , I decided I would try to see if I can add any LEDs.

After that I started working on some shading, gradients and I started dry brushing some silver paint here and there.

The next day (Today !)
Worked on the paint a little bit more with more dry brush.

His arms were articulated parts held by an elastic band at the center of his torso, but one of the arms had a broken piece. I had to prop it open with an x-acto before pushing a paper clip in his arm after hooking it to the other end of the elastic. I had to use small tweezers to get to the pieces that were stuck inside. I then made a small hole at the base behind is feet and pushed the lights all the way from his food to his head.

Next steps I will have to fully seal his head with Tamiya Glue, do a bit more patch work on the paint and paint the golf green at his feet black. 

His new base will be inspired by the ground around Vader's Fortress. I'm thinking of making it with foam and resin, adding the extra lights from the strip under the resine for a lava effect.


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