T-Rex Head Update

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I just wanted give an update on my T-Rex head that I submitted for the character sculpting contest late last year. I made this for my elementary class to see how you can use any assortment of materials to create sculptures. The majority of it is made from cardboard and wood clay. Each of the teeth are made from 3 pieces of cardboard, but I now know that it would be much easier to make them out of clay. I extended the lower jaw by one tooth which I think helps even it out to the muzzle. For paint I used a combination of satin and matte airbrush paints. This is my first airbrush project so I’m still trying to get an even spread of highlights, especially on the neck. The mouth membrane is a latex exercise band that I airbrushed and covered in clear pvc cement. The same coating was used in covering the tongue. As for the feathers, I bought an assortment of bird feathers and removed the barbs so that I only had the quills left. Thanks for checking it out!

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