Over the lip zombie denture tutorials

Hi! Are there any tutorials on how to make the over the lip zombie dentures like the ones used in the Walking Dead? Or any suggestions on how to make them? Looking to make some for zombie make-ups but also for other types of creatures


  • Hi Mike,

    We don't cover that specific effect, but with slight modifications, you could do this with both of our courses on teeth.



  • Although this type of dental appliance can be used to significant effect, it has some strong detractors you should be aware of. It can become increasingly uncomfortable to wear, the longer it is used. So, try to limit the amount of time wearing these dentures. Your actors will thank you for this. Any and ALL appliances applied overlapping and/or near this style of denture MUST be applied SECURELY AND WATER-PROOFED as much as humanly possible!!! Why? LOTS AND LOTS OF DROOL!!! It is an unavoidable side effect of wearing them, ESPECIALLY if you include uppers and lowers. It also requires more time to properly fit them well. If they don't fit just right they will be loose in your actor's mouth. This can make it difficult for the actor to wear and require constant maintenance. Also, it could potentially cause pain, or worse yet, it could injure your actor. This could result in you, (and possibly the production), being sued, and/or responsible for incredibly EXPENSIVE dental bills to repair any damage done. Discuss with your actor if they have any loose, or false teeth, and find out if they have ANY dental issues you should be aware of. Anything not disclosed could have expensive ramifications later on, if they are missed. ALWAYS have an in-depth discussion with the actor(s), director, and any additional production personnel that NEED to know, and inform them of all the benefits and cons of using dental appliances like this. An actor relies heavily on her/his looks and face to do their job well. It is part of your responsibility to NEVER hurt your actors, even if it is just a perceived injury. We are there to help them create their characters, and help provide the tools to create the best performances possible. Anything that takes away from that, is a detriment to the entire production.
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