Best blood for blood rig? + Blood rig setup advice

Hey all! I’m doing a blood rig for a throat slash + wrist slit, so I’m in need of a good recipe/brand for thin blood that’ll slide through tubing. Does anyone have any suggestions or recipes?

I’m thinking about 3/8ths I.D. for the tubing connected to a heat shrink bladder and going back to a garden sprayer (all underneath a neck prosthetic). Logistically, would that be a lesser version of the blood rig with fire hydrant, correct? If anyone has any advice on how to set that up further and flesh it out for a low budget film, I’d love to know.

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi Orion,

    The garden sprayer is basically a lower power/volume version of the fire extinguisher but is still a good option for many effects.

    As for the blood, you can make your own or buy it from a makeup/effects company.   The two important factors are that it's thin (so it can easily flow and be pumped through tubing) and well pigmented (so it can easily be seen when in fine droplets).  Many companies that make fake blood will have a flow/pumping formula.

    I usually make my own using Ben Nye blood powder, since it lets you create a lot of blood and have total control over how intense the pigmentation is.  You can thicken it by mixing in some kayro syrup or lubricant powder with the water, which helps control how it sprays and behaves on surfaces.

    My biggest piece of advice is to test it before the day you need to perform the gag.  Start thick, and then it down until you get the flow/spray you want.

    Best of luck!


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