The Question; featureless face prosthetic

Does anyone have tips or tricks on making the eye holes on my featureless face prosthetic less noticeable? they look like salt shaker holes and I'm curious if I could use tan nylon leggings in any way. (Side note, it was very difficult to apply this to myself lol)


  • Smaller holes would help a bit, but then you would need more of them packed closer together.   

    Sometimes you can hide vision holes in folds or wrinkles, where they naturally fall in shadow, but with a smooth design like this, there is no detail to use as camouflage.

    Mask looks great though!

  • Assuming this prosthetic is for a production, it should be no problem for a compositor to hide the eye holes. If it is for any kind of "live" event, then yes, you could obscure the eyeholes with nylon material over top. It may take as many as two to three layers to hide it [almost] completely. This WILL, of course, further hinder your ability to see through this makeup. For best results, you truly need at least some assistance in the application. They will be able to see and help better blend the appliance and makeup application to match your skin tone far better than you will in this instance. Above all else, make sure you have enough ventilation to be able to breathe through this appliance. It's a lot more difficult to create art if you're suffocating.

    One thing further, I would suggest the application of some extremely subtle veining over the entire appliance. This in my opinion would add a little interest to an otherwise featureless void. It may also have the additional effect of distracting the eye away from where your eyes would normally be. Again, this would be a SUBTLE application. If applied too strongly, it would work against the illusion you are trying to achieve.
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